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fallaces sunt rerum species

the appearances of things are deceptive

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Name:Natasha Romanoff
Birthdate:Jan 11, 1928
There is a woman who appears to be anywhere between mid-twenties and mid-thirties, and is on the shorter side. Normally, she has red wavy hair and green eyes. She's 5'5, built like a slim hourglass, and has a low, pleasant voice. She's both incredibly attractive, and part of the background.

She's one of the best spies you'll ever met, so that name she's given you?

Probably not her real one.

Notes: Contact post is here. While Natasha is from the Marvel Cinematic Universe first and foremost, elements of her backstory will be adapted from the comics. In Milliways, she'll be played in two timelines. The main one is 'the present', which runs from just after Iron Man 2 forwards - this is the timeline that she'll enter the bar from. The second timeline runs from WWII onwards- this timeline will mostly be OOMs with [personal profile] nerves_of_ice, but there'll be the occasional EP as well.

Disclaimer: Natasha Romanoff is comes from the MCU, and does not belong to me. This journal is just for fun, and no copyright is intended

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