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Natasha Romanoff ([personal profile] redintheledger) wrote2015-08-09 02:30 pm


Agent Natasha Romanoff is aware of processes and regulations. Agent Clint Barton was compromised, badly, leading to multiple deaths and a massive security breach: he needs to be assessed.

Natasha, daughter of the USSR and formerly of the KGB, doesn't like it.

Actually, she hates it.


She doesn't react well when Clint tells her where he's going (World Security Council, who tried to nuke New York, who are shadowy and tried to nuke New York, responsible for overseeing Clint's assessment and isn't that a nice word for saying so many other things, and it's Clint, it's Clint, it's Clint-). But she gets a grip.

After a little bit.


She insists on driving him. And picking him up. It's not really according to regulations, but SHIELD knows how to handle her. They okay it.

So does Clint.


They are quiet during the drive. Clint's withdrawn into himself, and she doesn't want to disturb that. It's also easier to keep control of her own emotions. She's still not okay with this, she so very nearly lost him, but she's a professional.

"Okay," Natasha says, pulling up. "Here we are."

She pulls the keys from the ignition and looks over at the passenger seat, where Clint hasn't yet reached for the door-handle.

"Hey," she says, and he glances over. "Don't be late, okay? I'll coming looking."

There's a pause as he processes that that. Not a long one, but she's not sure she likes it anyway. It could just be mental distance, or it could be he wasn't expecting to come out. Or just that he's focused on the present, Romanoff, she tells herself, firmly.

"Yeah, okay," Clint says, and she smiles at him.

"Nat," he says then, and reaches out for her. First her hand, which he brings up to kiss, and then he moves in to kiss her mouth. Not sweet or soft, but not hard or desperate either. Just a firm kiss that she leans into.

"Don't be late," Natasha repeats, and she gets a faint smile.


She doesn't linger outside the building, but she does stay there three and a half minutes after he walks into the foyer.


Just in case he decides to say 'fuck it' and leaves. Just in case it's a trap and he sees it.

But he doesn't come out, and so Agent Natasha Romanoff lets out a breath, twists the keys in the ignition, and drives away.